desperate minds mean desperate measures

and you gotta keep this one together

Welcome to the music industry, the home of every alternative hero the world contains. It's a diverse place, and any type of self expression is welcomed with open arms. Making it in the music business is the dream of many aspiring invididuals--whether they're 7 or 72. Anyone can make their mark, if they try hard enough. But what happens if you actually do make it? Immediate fame, fortune, and an endless life of partying, right? Wrong. Sweetheart, getting signed is only half the battle. You have to work hard, sell your beliefs, and kiss major ass to those who can make or break you. Not to mention, this life ain't cheap. You pay a large price to achieve your dreams in these parts. Whether it's in actual currency, or sacrificing other important aspects. You'll go months without seeing your family, may go bankrupt, and there's always going to be a large mass of people watching you under spotlight, waiting for you to mess up.

This life is hard enough, but people survive. Not all, but some. If you manage to keep yourself on track, congratulations. But, recently, there's a new obstacle that every musician has to get over. There's an anonymous harasser floating around the music industry. They happen to know all of your secrets, and seem pretty pissed off. No one knows who they are, but that just makes it all the more fun for them. They call themselves the game master, and purely exist to receive entertainment at your expense. They're coming around to everyone and anyone, throwing the bones in your closet back into your face to blackmail you into doing things for them. Their only rules? Do what they say, and don't you dare tell a soul about them. This persons the real deal, and their game is serious business. You don't know how they know your past, but you'll do anything to keep them quiet. That's all you really can do. Sit back and cooperate, while you rethink every move you make. You think you're the only victim of this person, but you're unknowingly mistaken. Any slip up--just one--can and will fuel the fly on the wall, and only causes more trouble for you. One wrong move, and you could kiss your life goodbye. Being in this industry is your dream--how far will you go to keep your slate clean?

and is this all in vain? and can these words explain?
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We’re moving RPs.

A friend of mine is opening a bandom RP, and we’ll be colliding with her. I’m not consistent enough to remain an admin. You all may keep your roles, but just keep a look out for the link.

Can I reserve Alex Gaskarth please?

See you soon!

HEY, i changed my url to thislittlegirlcady :)

Got it!

☆ Accepted Audition - Brittany Francis

☆ Heads up: Role change.

Hey, admin Rachel here! I’ll be taking Telle out of this rpg, but he’ll be replaced with Derek Sanders. 

So unfollow Telle

and welcome Derek.

Anonymous asked:
Is this rpg active? I don't wanna join a rpg that no one ever gets on lol

We’re new, so we’re not as active. That’s just the truth. But we’re not giving up! We do have members who post daily, however.